Friday, March 15, 2013

THE BRICK (...the brick...)

So, I thought I would just take a quick moment to share Tanner's new addition to the OCD family. We like to call it "The Brick". What is the brick, you might ask? If you've never seen the ABC hit TV show "The Middle", perhaps this montage of the awesome character Brick Heck will put in perspective for you: 
(Note: It won't take the full 4 minutes to get the picture)


OCD can not only involve repetitive movements or behaviors, but repetitive speech as well. For Tanner, what once began as a whisper to "practice" what he was going to say, has now also become a "Brick" whisper, following key parts of a conversation....to see if it sounded right? because he likes the feel of the words rolling off his tongue? because it sounds familiar (security)? Not yet sure. 

Quite a mystery indeed....(quite a myssssstery)

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