Sunday, January 27, 2013


Yesterday, CNN.com highlighted a phenomenal photographer named Brian Steele, who has not only created a powerful collection of photographs combating "ableism", but has overcome his own physical disabilities and discrimination.

Ableism, according to Steele, is "a type of discrimination against people with disabilities". His project includes black and white photos of people of varying abilities; it's purpose is to show the beauty they portray inside and out.

Click here to go to Brain Steel's personal photography website
   "We filter everything that we see through the lens of our perceptions, so it is not until we are able to step outside of our perceptions that we are able to determine what is real and what is not...
The portraits are traditional, empowering and show each person's humanity." 
- Brian Steele (taken from CNN interview)  

Tanner just came in the room as I typed this blog and looked at the photos with me. His comments included, "She looks so young" and "He looks strong." It is my sincere wish that my children will maintain that innocence to appreciate the true beauty in all people, especially ones that are "atypical". I also hope that others will return the same courtesy to them.


  1. How sweet. Children learn discrimination and being judgmental. Nice to see my grandson hasn't learned either!

  2. I would love to bottle up & give away the vibrance that a child has. They truly are windows to our soul. Thanks for sharing this, Jen.